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Applied BioPhotonics, Ltd. aims to provide phototherapy internationally through its licensed brand companies. Decide to become a licensed brand and we can help you set up your very own clinic. Learn more

How It Works

ABP's low-level light therapy targets injured or diseased cells with various wavelengths of red, blue, and infrared light to promote healing and overall wellness.
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Real Results

From sleeping disorders to acne, the ABP LightMachine has had many successful treatments as reported by clients. Other results from our clients include pain relief (muscle, tendon, back pain, etc.), relief from colds, aid in weight loss, hair regrowth, recovery from stroke/heart attack, among others.
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Real People

On his back injury:
"I travel with a light therapy machine and I got it on right away and I think that made a world of difference as far as expiditing the healing process to where it doesn't feel hurt anymore [...]"

Phil Mickelson
PGA professional

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